Friday, November 8, 2019

Using CRISPR to Fight Cancer

CAR-T therapy is a new form of cancer treatment that has been developed over the last few years. It works by modifying the T-cells of a patient to attack the cancerous cells in their body. While results have been promising in some leukemia and lymphoma patients, scientists hope to increase the effectiveness of the treatment. In order to do so, an additional three genes have been removed from the T-cells using CRISPR. Without these genes, the T-cells are able to attack the cancer cells more aggressively.

These initial trials were not testing effectiveness, but safety. The patients who received these modified T-cells showed no significant adverse signs after six months.

I think these results are exciting advancements for cancer treatments. We've known for a long time that each case of cancer is highly specific and it is impossible to create a single treatment that would cure the disease. CRISPR is allowing us to create specific solutions to these specific cases.

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