Sunday, November 3, 2019

Are humans changing diversity worldwide?

It is no secret that the human population has impacted the environment and the various species on earth.  Researchers at McGill University states that animal diversity is changing due to loss of their environment and the increase of the human population. The biologists of McGill University pulled information from the largest genetic data repositories available and from the results came to a conclusion that while the human do impact the genetic diversity in animals, the results are not all negative. Data trends shows human influences increase the genetic diversity in certain species while decreases the diversity in other species.

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Personally, I believe the genetic diversity in species are decreasing at a faster rate then it is increasing. I think a large percentage of the increase in genetic diversity is due to human interference, an example being breeding new corn strands. The genetic diversity increase are happening naturally but rather scientifically induced. All in all I believe the human population has a rather negative effect on genetic diversity.


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