Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Convert blood types into type O

                        During the 256th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society, researchers from the University of British Columbia describe they may have found a way to convert blood group into blood type O.  Researchers believe using a bacterial enzyme will turn any blood into type O.  The bacteria enzyme is from the human gut. To convert any blood types AB, A, B, into O, the markers or antigens from these types of blood will need to remove. By removing these antigens, all blood will be compatible. This is just a theory right now. Currently, researchers are continuing to work on this new idea. So far, they had gotten outstanding results from samples of human feces.

             This idea is very calm and astonishment. Right now, there are four basic types of blood groups. There are AB, A, B, and O. Each of these blood groups has different antigens. Blood A has A antigens and can only get it A blood, blood AB has A antigens and B antigens and can receive any type. Blood B has B antigens and can only get B blood.

On the other hand, blood O has no antigens but can give to any of the blood groups. Also, blood O can only receive from O. If in the future, this succeeds, everyone will no longer need to wait for blood donations. All blood will be compatible with each other.


  1. This is very interesting because I never would have thought that something like this could be possible. I hope that in the near future, they are able to remove these antigens from the blood in order to make all blood compatible because this could save so many lives and give blood to those who are in desperate need of it.

  2. This is extremely interesting because its shockingly a pretty basic idea; however, comes off as an impossible idea to execute. If this becomes successful and can be used in our everyday lives, it could potentially save lives and benefit the medical field drastically. This would ultimately make everybody more accessible and accepting to more donors which is important when time is critical.

  3. Nhi Si,
    If these researchers actually find a way in the future to make everyone blood type O that would be an amazing find! Imagine everyone having the same blood type, this would save so many lives with the abundance of blood that one would be able to choose from. Having the ability to be compatible with each other would mean no more waiting around for blood transfusions. And think, they can even take this bacterial enzyme and change the blood if they were to have the wrong blood type for the person who needs it. This is an outstanding find and I hope this works out for the researchers!
    Thank you.
    -Jennifer Ortiz

  4. This is amazing. Everyone will benefit from this is the research proves effective and can be used in hospitals. It’s something that would seem easy to think about “if we remove the antigens shouldn’t this make the blood type O?”, and it is actually working. I can’t wait to hear when this is going to be used publicly. Good luck to the researchers!