Monday, October 7, 2019

Can Genetics Explain Human Behavior?

Link to article: can-genetics-explain-human-behavior--66318
Supporting article: PMC2944040

In this article, the author talk about how humans have "met their maker" by discovering their DNA structure and genome. Basically, it was discovered that our DNA has the ability to determine many of our behaviors such as procrastination, extraversion, adultery, alcoholism, liberalism and more. However there's more to it that the genome itself, also known as epigenetics. It is all tied to "genes encoding transcription factors that regulate gene expression" which is dependent on the environment of an individual. A person's environment alters the chemicals that influence gene expression. "More recent studies show that mRNA can also be modified in ways that affect protein synthesis, a process called epitranscriptomics that adds yet another layer of complexity to the prediction of phenotypes from genotypes." Through research it was found that maternal care and child abuse alters the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal and the ability of individuals ability to handle stress, making them more suicidal and/or more likely to suffer from mental disorders. Upon examining the neuron-specific glucocorticoid receptor (NR3C1) promoter of suicide victims with childhood abuse and those without, it was found that there is a decrease in glucocorticoid receptor mRNA, as well as mRNA transcripts bearing the glucocorticoid receptor 1F splice variant and increased cytosine methylation of an NR3C1 promoter. 

3-D DNA Structure

I found this article very interesting as it shows the affect of an individual's environment on their behaviors. This proves that we can get rid of undesirable traits and create a mentally healthy, none abusive,  productive individuals that demonstrate high ethics if they were granted a stable environment where they can live up to their potential. 

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