Saturday, October 12, 2019

Antioxidant may cause cancer?

Supplements that many are intaking daily for health may not be suitable for your body. Instead, these supplements may cause cancer. Recent studies show that antioxidants, like dietary supplements, Vitamin E, help spread lung cancer. A researcher from New York University School of Medicine named, Michele Pagano learns that antioxidant neutralizes free radicals during metabolism, and about 30% of cell cancer develop mutations in two genes that regulate antioxidant production. These mutations then prevent the Nrf2 protein which causes tumor build up. Usually, healthy cell employ heme oxygenase-1 or Ho1 enzyme, but due to tumor build-up, it get hijacked, and due to high levels of Nrf2 and antioxidant, this lead to Ho1 to help spread more cancer tumor.

The study on antioxidant supplements is an excellent study to find out because it advises patients like myself about taking vitamin supplements and the effects of not all supplements are suitable for the body. 

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  1. Nhi,
    This article not only shocked me but also scares me. I have been taking vitamins ever since I can remember thinking this would ultimilty help me in the long run, but now figuring out it might be causing cancer cells to grow in my body is CRAZY! Finding data that relates 30% of known cancers back to the two genes that regulate antioxidant production is astonishing. Taking these vitamins might actually be spreading the cancer cells because it's more of the antioxidant which rapidly spreads it faster. It looks like I'll be putting a hold on taking vitamins for a while.
    Thank you. -Jennifer Ortiz

  2. This actually crazy to learn. I have always thought that vitamins and antioxidants were our methods of fighting diseases and battling cancer. I guess this leaves me wondering if the mutation might be occurring due to other chemicals that are in supplements or if you can also induce cancer cell growth but eating too much of a food that has a specific vitamin.