Friday, October 11, 2019

Baby Born With DNA From Three

In-vitro fertilization is a very hard concept to master. Many need to find new ways, and sources of conceiving if that is there ultimate goal with failed attempts at different treatments. A thirty two year old mother gave birth in Greece, to a baby using the maternal spindle transfer technique. This technique starts with removing DNA from one mothers egg, and transferring it inside another women's "donor" egg, which was previously emptied as well. The donors egg with the DNA from the first mothers genes was than fertilized and developed to be transferred for pregnancy.  This technique helps mothers who have eggs that prevent viable embryos from forming. The mitochondria can be a factor as well, and maternal spindle transfer allows the donors mitochondria to be transferred and for it to be possible to fertilize and develop into an embryo.  Researcher, Dr. Johnathan Tilly, has found that mitochondria s play a huge role in reproduction. He believes mitochondria help eggs to fertilize and grow into healthy embryos. The first baby to be born, was born from a mother who did not have a mitochondrial defect. Researchers state that this method of conceiving will not be around any time soon but this helps researchers understand what is truly going on inside mitochondria s as well as mothers DNA and genes. The baby has the DNA from the two women who were used for the egg as well as the information inside, as well as the mans sperm who fertilized the egg. 

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In my eyes this is pure genius work. These researchers are giving hope to many women out there who have been struggling for a long time. To come from three different DNA strands must be an awesome thing to grow up and understand you were apart of. The only problem I see in the future of these children, is they might be carriers of more diseases due to having now three different strands it might come from. The only way to find out if this method actually works is to see the offspring of the baby who was born which would be in many years to come. We must see the F2 generation to fully understand the affects of having these three DNA strands Will their children have four DNA strands due to them conceiving with someone else???

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  1. This article is great to share! While reading your blog, I find it interesting that you left off with a great question in mind. Now that I thought about it, would this happen? Will it cause a problem in the future? I also wonder if the baby has DNA from 2 mothers, will this cause problem in the future due to who allow taking care of the child if something goes wrong.