Sunday, September 22, 2019

Promise for Ovarian Cancer

Every year, women are affected by one of the leading causes of death from gynecological malignancies in the United States. This type of cancer called “ovarian cancer.” This disease is caused by cancer cells that form in the tissue surrounding the ovary in the female reproductive system. Ovarian cancer can be severe because it may attribute to other illnesses.It does not cause just one type of symptom, but multiple.  Each patient symptom(s) is different. Four types of cancer staged from 1 to 4. One is being least to four is most dangerous. Over the past years, science has improved, and now researchers give these patients hope toward treatments. For examples, more advanced drug therapies and epigenetic drugs trials. This help the patient continues to live a healthy
life with cancer.


This study/article(s) shows how important this research is for patients that are affected and for female as well. Even though ovarian cancer cannot be cure, but it does give female patients who are affected have hope that it may treat. Due to advanced treatments that can help slow down/ and eliminate cancer cells so that patients be able to live with cancer. As a woman, I also think this is important to me as well because ovarian can happen at any age and to any women. Knowing that there are treatments out there that can help.

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