Thursday, April 4, 2019

Does 'Jumping Genes' control certain cancers?

In an article on Medical Press's website, researchers from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis pointed out that many tumors are not just caused by a mutation of one of your genes but also by something called "jumping genes." "Jumping genes" are when DNA segments randomly move in a genome during human development. These researchers looked into many types of cancers and looked for these "jumping genes" in hope to further find a therapeutic way to try to treat these "jumping genes." After looking into about eight thousand tumors of about fifteen different cancers, they found that over one hundred jumping genes were pretending to be cancerous genes in about four thousand of those tumors. They also figured out that these types of genes are more aggressive than some cancer genes.

These researchers hope that further studies could help find a way to treat cancer and that this discovery is significant to different roles in cancer. I think that with further research it could open more doors to trying to fight and cure cancer in the future.

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