Friday, April 5, 2019

Beauty Spots in the Genome

According to ScienceDaily, there is a new study conducted by Qiongshi Lu and colleagues, who have discovered that 'beauty spots' vary with a person's sex. Scientist's have performed a genome-wide study that used about five thousand individuals genetic information to find the genome that is linked to 'beauty spots'. Researcher's found several genes related to 'beauty spots' on individuals' face, but there was a difference in the traits depending on the individuals' sex. For women, genetic variation that was linked to 'beauty spots' was also linked to genes for body mass. For men, genes for 'beauty spots' was also linked to the gene that affects blood cholesterol levels. This study is new and upcoming, and it determines how some genetic information for one gene can be a result for another gene and how it varies for different sex's. So far, the study has been done on individuals with the same age and with the same ethical background. Future research can examine individuals with a variety of ages and with different ethical backgrounds.
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I found this article to be interesting because I did not know that 'beauty spots' had anything to do with genetic information. It was interesting to understand that 'beauty spots' are in our genetic information and how they vary between an individuals sex. Hopefully, with further research, scientists can determine if an ethical background also plays a role with 'beauty spots'.

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