Monday, April 8, 2019

Antibiotics: Cause damage to bones

While diet and exercise helps regulate bone mass, antibiotics can impact the osteoimmunology and skeletal development of the body. It has been known that antibiotics disrupts the microbiota. It has been shown that it has affected the regulation of bone cells and the overall skeletal phenotype. To show how antibiotics truly affect the microbiome, Novince worked with team members at MUSC and treated mice with a cocktail of three antibiotics. The trabecular bone was affected, while the cortical bone had little impact from the antibiotic-induced changes. There was a raise in osteoclast from the result of a specific immune response to a change in the microbiota. In summary, Novince's group has shown that antibiotic disruption of the gut microbiota proceeds in the cutting out of communication between immune cells and bone cells. 

The study of antibiotics and its effect on our body continues to interest me. Since patients rely so much on antibiotics for their specific treatment, we can better understand how much our body can take for it to degrade and have negative impacts in the long run. By continuing research like these, we can find therapeutic ways in which we can prevent skeletal deterioration.

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  1. I work in the medical field and I always see patients first request is to start antibiotics when they dont feel good, however because of that now there are many complications like you said. There is already antibiotic resistant and now it is affecting the communication between immune cells and bone cells.