Thursday, March 28, 2019

Devious Defecator: Who done it

A warehouse in Atlanta, Georgia named Atlas Logistics Group Retail Services came across an issue in which an unknown employee was defecating on their floors near the food they store for retail stores. The supervisors of the warehouse proposed and used a cheek swab for genetic analysis on two employees to try to link the DNA to one of them that they believed committed the dirty crime. The DNA test came back and proved both men innocent of there accused crime. The men, upset from the jokes and accusations, sued the company. 

Federal judge, Amy Totenburg, ruled that the workers had a case and were to be awarded damages that were undecided due to the fact that there is not many cases regarding situations of the nature in this one. According to the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA), "although the test did not reveal any medical information, it fell under the GINA law" which is used to protect people from genetic information that they feared could be used against them. Ultimately the judge ruled that "A genetics test is a genetic test is a genetics test". The real argument that the article provides us is, if a company requests genetic information but it provides no medical information, does it break the GINA act and infringe your rights as a human?

Personally, I believe that a company who demands any employee to submit genetics testing, is in fact, breaking the GINA act and violating a persons rights. Regardless if the test is used medically or for another genetic reason, it all involves genetics of people who are to be protected. I do also believe that the article provides us with a situation where employers and employees should know the laws regarding genetics and genetic testing. 

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