Thursday, March 28, 2019

Your Genes and Birth Control

Packs of birth control

An assistant professor from the University of Colorado School of Medicine wrote an article about your genes may effect how well your birth control works. Nicole Wetsman covered the article in Popular Science. The first study the professor did, he found that some gene variants metabolize a common hormone in birth control much faster causing the concentration to be reduced and not work as well. The scientists and doctors sequenced 14 genes and found that those with a variance in the gene CYP3A7 had 23% lower concentration of etonogestrel which mimics progesterone. Though when using the implant there was still enough of the hormone to prevent pregnancy due to how high the concentration in the implant is. They determined that if someone using a pill which has a significantly lower amount of etonogestrel, missed a single pill could lead to a pregnancy much easier. Though due to how the gene uses the hormones another person who misses one pill it could have no affect at all. The study has a lot more research to be done, but it can lead to less negativity when a woman gets pregnant and says that she used her birth control correctly.

This is a good study for all women to be looking at if they are considering using birth control. The study points out that all birth control is different and it is a trial and error type situation but if you were to find out that you have the variation in that specific gene, you would know to choose the implant or a birth control with higher amount of etonogestrel. They will continue to study all types of birth control so that eventually, you could be told which will work best for you. I think this is great because not only will it help prevent unplanned pregnancies but it will also help eliminate the side effects that can be experienced.

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