Sunday, February 17, 2019

Genetic Technology used to exterminate disease-carrying animals succeeds in mammals for first time

Research is currently being done to test "gene drive" that could hopefully in the future wipe out pests and invasive alien species. So far this technique is only being practiced in the labs with female mice because it has raised concerns about possible side effects. Scientist have successfully edited female mice with a copy cat gene which allows them to change their fur coat color. They want to continue testing in order to reduce rodent infestations instead of using common pesticides which can be harmful to the environment. However, research still needs to be done in order to perfect the technique. 

Gene Editing has received a lot of mixed reactions in the scientific community but, I think this could really improve our quality of life. Of course, after more research is done to ensure no uncontrollable mutations occur.

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  1. Gene editing brings up a very controversial debate when considering ethics. I do find it interesting that scientists were able to edit the female mice with the copy cat gene. However, I question how they will use that research to completely wipe out pests and if that is even ethical.