Thursday, January 31, 2019

Tempted to Hibernate This Winter? Think again...

A recent article written by Catharine Paddock PhD was published by Medical News Today describing the connection between an extended lifespan and exposure to certain temperatures. The research for the study must be credited to the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, MA. The MBL is affiliated with The University of Chicago.  The full report can be found in the journal Experimental Gerontology.  Fruit flies are commonly used in genetic testing, however in this particular study, rotifers were examined. Rotifers have many characteristics that make them more practical than fruit flies. One of those beneficial features are their transparent bodies which allow scientists to observe their inner parts with ease. The health benefits of cold temperatures have been known for some time in the biohacking world. These benefits include fat loss, reduced inflammation, improved quality of sleep, increased lifespan and much more. This study concentrated on the claim that cold exposure increased a person's lifespan. It is thought that cold increases ones lifespan by way of slowing the metabolic rate which in turn produces less byproducts such as reactive oxidative species (ROS). This claim was put to the test in 11 different strains of rotifers. The results of this test was surprisingly wide ranged. It was concluded that exposure to cold temperatures may improve the quality of ones life for a longer period of time. However the effect on the longevity of ones lifespan may be varied depending on the genetic makeup of each individual.

Personally, I strongly dislike the cold. I prefer hot sunny days so much so that I fully intend to move to Arizona when I complete school. However, I do enjoy learning and implementing new health "hacks" into my life. I have always considered attempting the cold shower tactic but could never muster up the courage. When I came across this article, I was hoping it would prove that some people are just not "built" for the cold. To my dismay, the study proved that whether or not it expands the length of your life it will definitely improve the quality. I supposed it's time to take a deep breath and go in for the plunge.


  1. This was interesting to read becuase, I didn't know people could live longer when exposed to extreme colds. But I am with you on this one, I hate the cold as well

  2. Super interesting read! i never thought of connecting temperature and longevity but it makes total sense. I definitely agree that a slower metabolic rate can lead to less production of ROS and other harmful byproducts. As someone applying to grad schools in Denver this semester and loves Colorado i sure do hope this is true!