Monday, November 19, 2018

The Discovery of Over 100 Genes Linked to Autism

Autism affects several thousand people across the United States. The discovery of autism in a child usually ranges between the ages 2 and 3. A child or individual who suffers from autism experiences symptoms such as difficulty communicating and struggling with social interactions. Not only do they struggle with socially communicating with others, they are also sensitive to to certain sounds or sensations. Many scientists do not know the origin of autism but they now believe genetics may play a role in the development of the disability. Originally, it was found that 65 genes were involved in the development of autism, until new studies have recently found new mutations that are linked to the disorder.

The new study the discovers 102 genes that are linked to autism, was done at Harvard University by Jack Kosmicki. Him and his team gathered genes from over 37,000 people where they found new mutations and difference in genes in affected and controlled individuals. The discovery of the new genes has lead to being able to identify the differences between autism and other disorders such as intellectual disability and developmental delay. The hope for the discovery is to combine with other studies to create a better understanding while showing the linkage between all of the traits and genes that affect this disorder. Personally, I believe it will help identify the correct disorders for children in the developing stages to provide them with the correct course of action. Also, by continuing the discover the linkage between autism genes, there may be so way in the future to use CRISPR technology in early developmental stages of the disorders and many others.

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