Thursday, April 12, 2018

Surprising Discovery: Sweet Tooth gene connected with less body fat

The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen have discovered a "sweet tooth gene" that could be caused by genetic variation. Not only that however, people with this particular gene disposition leads to overall less body fat. This newfound information seems contradictory to what we as people know today, but this research not only surprises the majority of the public and baffles researchers themselves, but could lead to further research in developing drugs for obesity and diabetes in preventative measures or to lower risks. As what we hear most of our lives, from weight loss programs, advertisements, and our own health care providers, sugar is one of the leading causes to weight gain and developing stages of diabetes. However, in this new finding, the information gathered challenges that preconception. The "sweet tooth gene," scientifically called the FGF21 gene, is known to be the reason we have that craving for something sweet and sugary, and many times that sensation we feel in our mouths was always considered to be a bad thing. But now, researchers have found a specific gene for that sensation, and how it connects to overall body fat. Even though the difference between someone with the FGF21 gene and someone who does not possess it is very small regarding body fat, this is still a scientific breakthrough, because it supplies more information to the growing problem in society that is obesity and development of diabetes.
This research study does not only serve to make the public scratch their heads at this slightly interesting yet funny topic, but it brings more light on the big problem our country has in regards to obesity. This new information could bring the medical world closer to finding a way to create preventative drugs, and to help those with weight issues and health issues to better their own personal health and well-being. In my opinion, this is a great step in the right direction for the health and wellness world as well, as possible new drugs are developed to manipulate the FGF21 gene, the more the general public will feel more in health, and strive to continue improving their overall health and wellness. This is a fascinating article, and makes you realize just how many ways there are to fix a problem that is affecting society, and this is one that hits right at home, because everyone wants to feel happy with themselves personally, and feel the best they've ever been in their lives.

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