Friday, April 13, 2018

less body fat but higher blood pressure and pear shape

The University of Copenhagen conducted new research about people with the gene variation FGF21 (fibroblast growth factor 21). FGF21 hormone acts as insulin-sensitizing, meaning it improves the sensitivity of peripheral tissues to insulin, this helps diabetics with lowering their insulin needs. Through the reseach it has been found that FGF21 hormone is linked to less body fat, higher blood pressure, and a more pear shaped body. People with this gene variation consume on average more sugar (they have a higher craving for sweets). This comes as a shock to the researchers due to a lot of information about how sugar is the cause for more fat storage in the body. More sugar more body fat. however with this gene variation it is shown that they eat more sugar and have less body fat. This is still only a small portion of the larger picture of sugar and obesity/diabetes' said Professor Niels Grarup from the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research. The FGF21 may help in lower body fat then others who do not have it but it also increases the change of higher blood pressure and more fat pockets in the waist (creating a pear shaped body). They hope that with this new knowledge it will be important for the creation of drugs. This also will help with later studies.


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