Sunday, April 15, 2018

Gentic Linked heart Disease

A recent study has determined that a family history of heart disease greatly improves your risks (60-75)% but has also determined that to not be the end all be all. Having "unlucky" genes can more than double your chances of developing heart disease but ultimately it seems your personal choices affect it greatest. Epigenetics show that  your lifestyle and exposure to harmful substance can be more important than a simple "genetic blueprint" when it comes to how genes express themselves in your body. Knowing your genetic history and doing what is in your power to counteract it can ultimately be what leads to you dodging predisposition to certain diseases.

    Once again the growing field of epigentics shoes that what was known about genetics might not be entirely  true. While having a certain genetic makeup may increase the odds of someone having certain diseases it does not not guarantee it. With epigenetics growing it shows that your genes only push you into  certain direction in most cases. In the end your life choices (and sometimes those of your ancestors) are more important when it comes to your overall health and how your genes impact it.

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