Sunday, April 15, 2018

Major depression: Brain tissue reveals sex-specific gene changes

     Major depression also known as major depression disorder is when symptoms of depression last for 2 weeks.  Statistics show that women experience this type of depression more than men in fact women are twice as likely.  Scientists wanted to find out if there was any genetic difference between men and women when it came to major depression.  In a study, Dr. Marianne Seney, Ph.D., from the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh Medical School, pinpointed these differences. 
In this study they analyzed the brain tissue from 50 deceased adults who had major depression as well subjects without major depression. There were 26 men and 24 women who made up the 50 subjects who had major depression. Scientists wanted to see if there were any genetic alterations in the three brain regions. It showed that " 706 genes that were expressed differently in men with major depression and 882 genes that were expressed differently in women with the disorder. There was few gene expression changes shared between mean d women. The scientists identified that 21 genes were altered in the same direction. 

     Dr. Seney and other scientists who he worked along side with concluded that since they had focused solely on postmortem brain tissues that they were not able to clarify if whether the opposing gene expression changes they identified led to differences in how major depression affects men and women. However they believe that what they discovered in this study suggests that men and women may still require different treatment approaches when it comes to major depression.

         In my opinion this finding is great. It is important to realize how a disorder of any kind works, in order to then start to find treatment for shutting it down. From this we can begin to develop specific treatments for major depression disorder for both men and women. It is important to now know what was found in this study so that major depression can be treated and more people can live a fuller happier life. Many people commit suicide when they are depressed. Also being a student can be stressful, many college students take their life because of major depression. If this discovery can be of help in saving people from the thought that the only way out is to die then they should continue to delve deeper into further studies to find out even more. This study can affect many people and their friends and family in a positive way. 

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  1. This article is very important for everyone to read. Not many people are aware the depression is genetic and how is affects males and females differently. Parents who struggle from depression need to be more aware if their children are showing signs of depression. All parents should be looking out for signs and shouldn't ignore them, but those who have depression in the family should be extra careful.