Monday, April 23, 2018

Genetic mutation causes deadly skin condition on dogs

A study has been assessed and resulted in the discovery of a deadly skin condition affecting puppies/dogs. Research reports that this discovery causes LAD, known as lethal acrodermatitis. This deadly condition causes skin lesions on the paws and face of puppies and dogs. Having such condition may delay in growth. Dogs with the condition may have a dilute, subtle coat color.

University of Bern’s Anina Bauer and her team discovered the mutation that causes lethal acrodermatitis. LAD, lethal acrodermatitis, is an inherited disease in dogs, mainly bull terriers and miniature bull terriers. This disease causes painful, infected wounds on the paws. The disease can inhibit growth or cause death before two years old. LAD in dogs can be compared to acrodermatitis enteropathica (zinc deficiency) in humans. However, unlike humans, there has been no found cure for this disease.

The mutation in the gene that codes for the protein muskelin 1 causes the affects of LAD. The mutation disallows the splicing of mRNA and leads to lack of muskelin 1. Protein muskelin 1 plays a role in shaping, as well as intracellular transport.

Research results show that scientists can only further investigate the causes of the mutation, functions of the protein muskelin 1, and perform genetic tests.

For additional information, refer to the original article.

For additional information, click the link of Anina Bauer and team’s research article and article on LAD in bull terriers.


  1. Being a dog mom, I'm hoping they find a cure! My dog has acute dermatitis but it is very treatable; the vet says that skin diseases in dogs are more common than not.

  2. I never knew about a lethal disease that could affect dogs. Hopefully, based off the knowledge scientists learn about this gene, we can find a way to prevent this disease from occurring on dog's skin.