Tuesday, April 10, 2018

A Tragic Tale or Ancient Alien, the Story of Ata

Back in 2003, In Chile’s Atacama Desert, a miniature, deformed, mummified humanoid skeleton was found wrapped in a piece of white cloth. As one can imagine this caused a plethora of perplexing questions and many equally as perplexing claims to answer them. The widest spread and outlandish of which was that this small skeleton, nick named “Ata”, was some sort of ancient alien who passed away long ago. With a back story like that, this little specimen was sold around the world between private collectors, all of whom paid a pretty penny to get their hands on it. Yet it wasn’t until 2013 that a scientist, Garry Nolan, and his team at Stanford University, decided to conduct an actual DNA analysis of Ata in the hopes of unraveling the mysteries surrounding it.

The mummified skeleton of a baby girl found in the Chilean desert in 2003.
DNA extracted from the bones shows Ata was a girl who carried mutations in at least seven genes that are known to cause major skeletal malformations.

What they found was that Ata was not an ancient alien at all, but in fact a human female who exhibited skeletal malformations, along with a condition called congenital diaphragmatic hernia, which results in an improper formation of the diaphragm. Because Ata exhibited these defects, this would mean that she would have been a still born or must have died immediately after birth, which would also explain the care displayed in her wrapping and burial. Furthermore, the analysis uncovered that Ata’s DNA closely resembled that of other Chileans, and that she most likely died approximately 40 years prior. So, although Ata may not have been an alien corps, but instead a human child with mortal birth defects, the discovery of the mutations believed to have aged her bones could potentially aid in the development of therapies and drugs that can help drive bone development in people with skeletal problems. Thus, giving a happy ending to this seemingly tragic tale.

And for Ata’s original study conducted at Stanford, use this link: http://siriusdisclosure.com/evidence/atacama-humanoid/

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