Monday, January 22, 2018

Does a ‘Strong’ Immune System Ward Off Colds and Flu?

              Researchers have recommended healthy habits and lifestyle to help boost a person’s immune system. Having a stronger immune system will prevent the body from infections, viruses, diseases and having a quicker recovery from sickness. There are many ways to keep a good immune system by being a non-smoker, non second hand smoker, regularly washing hands, healthy diet, getting enough sleep and exercising. Although, having a “strong” immune system can also be by luck, meaning certain genetics (with no clear specifics) can naturally boost someone. As Dr. Pritish Tosh said, “someone might have a particular genetic ability to generate antibodies against certain types of virus like the flu, for instance.” Every person is different with health and their body’s response to sickness due to their genetic composition, however, regardless of genetics, every person should follow a healthy lifestyle and not completely rely on genetics. Overall, the better a person’s immune system is the better chance of warding off colds or the flu.

             I thought this article was interesting and important considering the flu is active in most areas of the U.S and is currently in the peak of the season, which is from November to March. Also, there are many articles and the news is spreading the awareness that this current flu season is getting worse and is particularly rough on kids. I think spreading the awareness reminds people how important it is to take care of themselves and their kids. Today’s society and environment, it is hard to follow a healthy lifestyle because of busy schedules and many life stresses but it’s a reminder to them that health (physically and mentally) is always a priority! It’s a routine that needs to take place in family’s so they can grow healthy together and to teach their kids about health.

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