Thursday, December 14, 2017

Possible Genetic Link to Homosexuality

A study done at North shore university preformed SNP analysis of over two thousand men. The study focused on two separate genes, SLITRK5 and SLITRK6. SLITR6 is important in the development of the hypothalamus which helps to produce hormones like oxytocin.  The results of the study state differences in these two genes in between hetero and homosexual men, in addition there was variations in the TSHR gene on chromosome 14  which is a thyroid stimulating hormone receptor. A variation in the first intron of TSHR  correlates with a previous study that found abnormalities in thyroid function in homosexual men, the conclusion of this study infers that there is enough variation in these three genes

the better we as a society understand homosexuality the more it will be accepted, If we can change ignorant peoples minds to actually prove that they do not actually have a choice. Although, we live in a country where people refuse to believe in climate change even though its been proven since the 80's .
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