Thursday, December 14, 2017

New Genetic Variations Linked to Additional Attainment: Genetic Overlap Between Cognitive Ability and Longevity

Researchers have identified genetic variations which correlate with cognitive abilities.  Scientists profiled the cognitive ability of 100,000 individuals, performing tests measuring neuropsychological state of individuals.  While performing these tests, researchers uncovered certain genes that overlap with longevity.   These researches found that a longer lifespan was accompanied by a genetic predisposition towards higher cognitive abilities.  A genetic overlap between cognitive ability and autoimmune diseases were also identified. 

However, in this study no specific gene was identified for being the cause or effector gene to link cognitive abilities to longer lifespans.  With further testing and studies, a more concise explanation for this linkage can be explained.  I believe this study to be important to scientific research because it can give scientists a better understanding into the human brain and how longevity relates to it.

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