Tuesday, December 12, 2017

How the EMSY Gene Can Be Connected With Peanut Allergies!

In the article "New Genetic Clue to Peanut Allergy", Canadian scientists reveal a study they have been working on that pinpoints a new gene that is associated with peanut allergy.  At the University of British Columbia, they have provided further evidence towards the discovery of how genes play a role in food allergies.  Within this study, they found that the gene c11orf30/EMSY (or the EMSY gene), is one of the protein coding genes that indeed is connected to peanut allergies.  This EMSY gene has already been known to play a role in conditions such as asthma and eczema, but it just opened a whole new window into the study of how allergies are brought up in the human body.

Allergies have been found to be caused by environmental factors AND genetic factors, leading geneticists to be able to form new treatments for people suffering with allergic conditions such as peanut allergies.  I think this is amazing because these allergies are becoming more common and more dangerous.  I know so many people with a list of allergies, as well as eczema and asthma.  Research like this is necessary in order to be able to benefit peoples lives who are dealing with allergies each and every day.


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  1. This study can hopefully lead to stopping these genes from forming this allergic reaction to certain foods, or treatment can be modified to help slow down these reactions.