Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Prospective and Societal Impacts of DNA Bacoding Fishes

                                   A standardized method has been proposed in where every fish will have its DNA sequenced and the species will be as described by a short sequence from an agreed upon region of the genome.
                                   This is expected to create very fast and in depth identification for any species that has been catalogued just by means of a simple DNA analysis. This idea received equal amounts of criticism and support. As of now no more than 5% of all named organisms on earth are known in any biological detail. The DNA barcoding for this encyclopedia of life aids in an organizational method so the task at hand is that much more approachable.
                                   Fish provide a suitable model for testing this idea out at a world wide scale. They are largest group of vertebrates and the fact that fish coupled with fisheries create a large target group where the benefits of DNA barcoding will be seen more immediately so people will be more likely to embrace the idea.
                                   The important part of this is it will not just identify the organism as a whole but it will identify the organism as a ball of cells, as a juveniles, as a non-mature organism, or even a steak of it. There are so many federal and commercial applications of this idea, it would definitely benefit science as a whole and launch a new age of classification, rather than clades, or taxonomically it groups organisms by genomic diversity. With technology advancing it isn’t such a bad idea to think like this [BIG DATA]


  1. Interesting to suggest a reorganization of fish , or perhaps, many species solely on DNA. It could change the way information could be processed, and the way we think about how they are similar and different.

  2. This is a pretty neat idea. I can see many uses for something of this caliber in real world studies. Biology itself would benefit hugely from this as there are new species always being discovered.

  3. Very interesting! I could definitely see why there is an equal amount of people who are for versus against the idea. However, I definitely agree from a research standpoint. I also agree that fish are excellent models for genetic testing. While it will definitely expand our knowledge of other organisms by genomic diversity, it will also help us understand more about ourselves and the human genome. Also, our oceans are so vast that it will help us keep track of new species. Overall, very interesting! I would be very interested to see this idea take effect.