Saturday, November 18, 2017

Genetically modified babies?

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Will scientifically modified embryos be the new generation? The article I chose discusses the US’s first successful attempt at editing the DNA of multiple embryos led by Dr. Shoukhrat Mitalipov. This experiment used a gene-altering technology by the name of CRISPR, which alters the DNA of large numbers of one-cell embryos that could potentially develop into living humans if implanted in a womb. This experiment has been trialed many times and has not been successful but Mitalipov was able to surpass past issues with “off-target” editing by injecting CRISPR into the eggs at the same moment the eggs were fertilized with the sperm. These embryos were only allowed to grow for a few days, but it shows progress in what we are able to do!

This could either be detrimental or fantastic in the future for us, but there are always trials and tribulations with anything we can personally modify. These modifications can act as weapons against us or be something extremely helpful. I’m all for change but only because I know something amazing can come from this in the future. After all, what does my opinion really matter?


  1. I hope if people do decide to use this it's to change something important that would affect the child's life in a negative way. I don't want to see people choosing what color hair or eyes their kids have and making it a physical thing!

  2. This is crazy to read! Honestly, I feel that if this starts to progress and become successful, it would lead to people modifying their child physically. I agree with Farah that if it is to change the child's life in a positive way, then this could be used to help for the better, such as eliminate a life changing disease or something that will negatively affect the child in their future. But to physically change your child and modify the way they are going to look is a selfish act. Wouldn't you love your child the way he/she is? What's sad is that there are people who would take advantage of this kind of study to some how change their child that has nothing to do with health. This study definitely has a long way to go, but I feel like it should be used to health purposes only, not personal preferences.