Sunday, November 26, 2017

Epigenomic Assesment of Educational Prowess

A study published recently details the links between CpG methylation and Educational attainment, using 9 separate Cpg probes the analysis takes into account data of 27 other studies including testing of 10,767 people. There were two specific CpG probes that the study focused on and they are associated with maternal smoking during pregnancy.  both probes were tested in many polygenic methylation events and epigentetic clock events both suggested links to educational attainment but the researches state that the results may be due to other distal biological factors.

these results from the test show a weak link to the educational attainment of the individuals tested but with such a large sample size of over 10,000 people it can be forgivable , showing that there is a link but may not be able to prove it easily due to other biological factors being at hand, especially since on of the methylation triggers are from their mother smoking with them in the womb. more data needs to be collected ,possibly with different CpG probes.
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