Friday, November 24, 2017

An Amish Gene Allows Carriers To Live Up to 10 Years longer and Avoid Diabetes

Recent research shows that a gene variant that arose in Amish people can lead to a life span that is 10 years longer and diabetes free than those who don't carry the variant. The gene variant came to be from the gene known as SERPINE1 that makes a protein (PAI-1) that promotes aging. The gene variant is present in six generations of an Amish group. Studies show that people in this with the gene variant produce half as much of the protein PAI-1 and thus the gene carriers have a longer life span. Not only are the lucky carriers likely to live longer, they are likely to have lower insulin levels when fasting. Scientists hope this information could help them extend human lifespan and health in general.

This article was really interesting. I usually don't believe that certain things really help you live longer, I feel like it's just too hard to really pinpoint what factors affect your life span. However, this study seems like it is thought out and perhaps in this group of people this gene variant really is the reason why they have a longer life span. It'll be interesting to see how scientists use this information in the future and also how this information along with the CRISPR method could work together to increase human life span.

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