Monday, October 9, 2017

Smart Protein Molecule

To begin, I chose this article because it makes me happy that we are close to the idea that we are extremely near finding the cure to cancer. Researchers specifically, bioengineering professors at the University of California have created a "smart" protein that is able to tell white blood cells to become better cancer fighters. What the protein actually does is that it tells cells to ignore self destructing signals. Cancer cells use the mechanism in that they make the cells attack and self destruct, spreading to more of the body. They have called this smart molecule protein "iSnap." They have inserted into a macrophage which is a white blood cell. They then discovered that it made the cells react and engulf and divide cancer cells.

Personally, I really enjoyed this article because I love to hear when medicine is advancing with technology.  Perfecting this new finding will most definitely lead to immune cells being able to fight cancer cells leading to a cure to cancer. Realistically, this mechanism will also be able to fight diseases which will help the medicine field. The study was also done on rapidly dividing cancer cells and its success foreshadows a cure to even the toughest of cancers.

Reference: University of California - San Diego. (2017, September 28). Smart molecules trigger white blood cells to become better cancer-eating machines. ScienceDaily. Retrieved October 9, 2017 from
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  1. This is so neat! I agree that these types of articles are always so interesting. I know the cure for cancer is out there somewhere, just have to find the right scientist to scope it out! Medicine never seizes to amaze me. Hopefully with further experiment and research of this finding, a cure will be found!