Saturday, July 29, 2017

Infinite sunscreen made from DNA.

A news article from Popular Science gives credit to a group of scientist in discovering a transforming way to stop skin cancer. Their report is featured in Science Reports and found that DNA crystals helps in absorbing heavy amounts of UV light. This finding could open eyes towards the skincare culture and also the prevention of skin cancer. When DNA film is coated on to the skin, it hydrates skin cells for a very long time by slowing the cell's water evaporation. The sun has exposed human skin to great amounts of carcinogen for awhile which unfortunately leads to massive amounts of skin cancer patients . But Popular Science suggest maybe a sunscreen could be created after all of this. The report give due to the DNA's "optical, novel electrical, and biosensing properties". Could the ending of skin cancer be coming soon? Hopefully a revolutionary sunscreen could be hitting stores in the near future.

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  1. As someone with fair skin this breakthrough could be extremely helpful! sunscreen is expensive and doesn't last long so a product like this could likely save many lives and a lot of money.