Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Scientists Link Gene Mutation to Autism Risk

A Group of Scientists discovered several mutations that increases the chance of a child developing autism. It was found that fathers over the age 35 increased the risk of autism. Researchers analyzed the genetic material of blood samples that were taken from the parents who birth a child with autism. This allowed them to spot the initial mutation called de novo, which is not inherited but occurs around the time of conception. De novo was spotted in several kids at the same location even when they were unrelated. The risk of de novo increased with parental age and four times more likely to rise in the DNA of a male over the age of 35.

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  1. Such an unfortunate condition, but hopefully with this knowledge parents will be better prepared to raise effected children in healthy climates.

  2. This is a very interesting way to effect a child's genetics, hopefully research can provide a way to counter this.

  3. My dad was 33 when my brother was born with Autism. I do not think it has to be a specific age, but I do think the older the parents are, the greater the risk of a child developing problems is.