Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Chocolate Lovers Gene

Liking high-fat foods can now be linked to your genes. The scientists who made this discovery hope to use it for personalized dietary advice to help obese patients. This linkage occurs in the receptor gene or oxytocin; a preference for chocolate and a larger waist is linked to this hormone. Salt intake shows to be linked to CREB1 and GABRA2 loci. The study was done using a questionnaire which could cause some false results based on lying.


  1. while one wouldn't think food preference is a genetic factor it makes sense as an explanatory factor for why people like different foods.

  2. if food can alter our genetic, I wonder what other thing we put in our body can affect our future offspring

  3. I think this is very interesting, as before college I have never met people who did not like chocolate. Now I know of at least two people who do not like it, and it is funny because it normally makes people very happy by eating it.