Friday, May 5, 2017

Dog DNA study maps breeds across the world

Scientists have analyzed 161 breeds of dog's DNA. Over the past 20 years, dogs have been bred to do different things, depending on what they are needed for. Dogs used to be used for hunting and gathering, now there are many hybrid breeds that are available. Dogs origins can be traced to two basic places in the world the United Kingdom or the Mediterranean. Many dogs like the mastiff has not changed genetically over the years. This article was very interesting to read. Dogs are very important in the world and majority of people have them. Now with all these different dog breeds breeding together, this genetic mapping of them will allow us to better understand what dogs are good for what area.



  1. Great topic, I wonder where my dog originated from since he's mentally unstable

  2. I love learning about the origin of certain dog breeds, and how they have evolved over the years! It's fascinating how the number of breeds recognized have grown over the years, yet there are still many that do not receive classification to this day. We as humans have created a vast variety of dog breeds ourselves, and its crazy how we can breed for desired genes and traits to make up everyone's "perfect" dog.