Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Serial killers on cancer

Dr. Rosenberg has been operating on patients for years. He deals with cancer, and for one special patient their own immune system took out their cancer cells. Thinking that this person had a special blood type, he transfused it into another patient with cancer. He was however, unsuccessful. He did learn though a new technique on a way to kill cancer. This technique is called "cell therapy." The patients t-cells are extracted from the body and then modified to recognize and destroy cancer. These t-cells are then multiplied millions of times and then put back into the body to fight the cancer. These cells are known as "serial killers" because they can kill thousands of cancer cells. Cell therapy is a unique treatment because it is using a live thing to fight the cancer and it is unique to every person. There have been side effects on a few patients, but research is still going on. These killer cells are mostly used on blood cancers. This article kept my attention the whole time. This could change the whole world, and lead to a cure if further research is as successful as this. Cancer amazes me because it is a mystery and always changing. Today every single person has been effected by some type of cancer, this could lead to solving one of the worlds greatest mysteries. Dr. Rosenberg looked at cancer in a different way and made me think in a different way as well. I would love for him to publish more about this research so I can keep up to date on it. 


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