Sunday, April 16, 2017

Freed from Seeds

Scientists used gene editing to produce seedless tomatoes, hence, opening doors to the production of seedless fruits. A gene-editing technique called CRISPR which stimulates the growth and development of the fruit without the presence of seeds which is caused by the rising level of auxin. Auxin exists as a plant hormone that promotes growth while its increase affects the development of the plant's leaves as well.  Seedless fruits were also referred to as parthenocarpic which means completely seedless. Most fruits are grown from seeds, therefore, in the case of these seedless tomatoes, farmers have to use cuttings to grow the plants. 
Due to the threat of declining bee population, production of seedless fruits seems like a useful idea. The CRISPR gene-editing technique was described as an easy, accurate and quick method in producing seedless tomatoes; however, consumers must take caution and consider its great dangers.

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