Thursday, April 20, 2017

Blood Type Diet Debunked

In the late 90's, Dr. D'Adamo came out with the book "Eat Right 4 Your Type", in which he writes about what each person should be eating, based on their blood type. Although this diet was created quite some time ago, people have been following it religiously, and blindly. It sounds super sciency, right; eating a diet strictly based off of your blood type? Well, it turns out that there is almost no science behind it at all, at least not any accurate science. The book gives a list of foods for each of the 4 blood types, consisting of what each one should eat, shouldn't ever eat, and what's basically neutral. Unfortunately, all of the "science" Dr. D'Adamo used to support these lists was complete nonsense. However, that didn't stop all of the celebrities, naive teenagers, and desperately overweight people from buying into it and swearing to the diet.

The problem was that it was a really cool idea, thinking that you could follow a perfect diet by doing exactly what the book said because, it matches your genetic makeup, right? Well, it's all null and void as soon as you research any of his "facts" and realize that it's almost all wrong. All he did was pick a very low carb, low fat, vegetarian diet for the most common blood type (Type O) and of course, by following it, a heck of a lot of people lost weight. But that had nothing to do with their blood type, it just had to do with the fact that that's the healthiest kind of diet you can eat! So of course most people saw results because they were simply eating healthier! People like Dr. D'Adamo take advantage of those who are desperate and too lazy to educate themselves because they are just waiting for a miracle to happen, and it's a little bit of both parties faults. So this is a good lesson to remember to not believe everything you read, even if it did come from a doctor; and to always do your own research!


  1. It makes sense that there is no specific diet for one's blood type; it's not like your blood type makes your stomach any different. I think it's sad that so many people buy into these fake products based off of genes, just because they think the science is true. If a person wants to eat better, they shouldn't rely on their blood type to guide them towards healthy options.

  2. Blood type should not change any thing about what type of foods some one should be eating. Blood type only refers to the type pf antigens found on the blood cells.