Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Can Twins Sense Each Other's Pain and Emotion?


     According to Dr. Nancy L. Segal in her book, Entwined Lives, she states, “There is no evidence that twins’ similarities are caused by mental communication between them.”  Another Doctor, Dr. Eileen Pearlman said, “There has been no scientific evidence to support ESP in twins.” Although doctors have not found significant evidence scientifically, there are multiple stories of twins that prove this statement might be false. For example, in the article called, I had morning sickness and my twin didn't even know she was pregnant': Meet the identical twins who feel each other's pain, get ill at the same time and can read their sibling's mind, identical twins Angela King and Elena Gatt explained to the rest of us how they could feel each other’s pain – even halfway across the world. One day, Elena fell down a flight of stairs at the Tower of London and injured her leg. Angela, who was thousands of miles away, felt pain in the exact leg at the exact time that her sister did. This is amazing and cannot be made up. These events are what spark scientists minds to try and figure out exactly how twins brains work. Personally, I believe that there is not a connection between twins. Even though twins are born in the same womb at the same time they are still two different people. They do think differently because they are their own person living their own lives. Even though most of the time twins are together during childhood, each twin has their own mind and feelings. But, what makes my decision hard is the personal stories that twins experience. These personal stories are real evidence of twins’ sensing each other’s pain. 

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  1. This is a very interesting topic since I personally have friends who are twins. Not all, but most of them says that they feel each others pain even from miles away. I don't know if it could ever be proven scientifically though.