Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Helper Drugs to Fight Antibiotic Resistance

Image: CDC

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen and Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine (St. Kitts) found specific genes that led to antibiotic resistance in two superbugs. This discovery is pertinent to antibiotic resistance as it is a growing problem and can increase the risk of contracting severe infections in those with weakened immune systems (i.e. cancer patients). Scientists focused on two priority 1 pathogens: E. coli and K. pneumoniae. K. pneumoniae. Using latest genomic technology, they were able to identify genes that contain antibiotic bacteria and were able to use these genes to identify new helper drugs to combat resistance. They hope that a combination of colistin and an anti-fungal drug will disrupt resistance in the genes. 

I thought this was interesting since it's expected that the death toll of antibacterial resistance will overtake that of cancer by 2050. It's definitely important that we find a way to combat resistance before the problem gets worse. 

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