Sunday, February 5, 2017

Will deer sterilization thin a local herd?

A group of volunteers in Clifton, Cincinnati recently finished sterilizing does in the residential areas. The Clifton Deer Fertility Control Pilot Program is in its second year of capturing the females and sterilizing them to prevent any further births. The neighborhood says a local herd has grown tremendously, and are being destructive towards the land. This idea was proposed because the people did not want the park to permit bow-hunting of the animals. The neighborhood hired The White Buffalo Company  to sign off on this three year pilot program. The results indicate that there are fewer disturbances from the herd, and there are less fawn than the previous years.

This was an interesting article to read, and although this program is the alternative to hunting the animals, I do not agree with the permanent sterilization. I believe, by not allowing the does to reproduce, the people are taking away a key characteristic of their lives. The does should be allowed to reproduce and have their own fawn. I think using animal birth controls, during the right seasons, would be more beneficial. This program does not seem like a humane solution to their problems.


  1. Sterilization could potentially have negative side effects down the road and some may develop a resistance like with super bugs. It doesn't seem convincing enough to go to that extreme. The deer may just be searching for food or previous human industrialization has forced them to leave their habitat, there could be many reasons.

    I think preventing their reproduction is more likely to wipe them out and may cause problems like becoming resistant to sterilization. Helping them find new habitats, installing fencing, or even permitting licensed hunting seasons in cleared sections may be better options.

  2. The average life of a deer is about 5 years because of being killed by cars and other ways, so why not let those who hunt deer get it, there is no need to respond like this in order to control the population.

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