Sunday, February 5, 2017

New Study Shows How Plants Fight Off Disease

I learned how important plant immune systems are in this study led from University of Queensland. Plants have resistant system to plant disease where the immune receptor protein signals other functions in the plant body causing the plant to be resistant to plant diseases. Allowing plants to convert signals makes room for a more pure bred crop rather than the crossing method that has been used for decades to prevent the plant disease. This will further pave the road to further agriculture advancements having to do with molecular biology in plant functions.

I knew already that scientists used varying crosses between plants so they can use variety to combat against plant diseases. I learned how detrimental these disease in terms of economic values. We learned the first week in genetics that the world wide population keeps growing tremendously. Therefore, the food demand is increasing while the food surplus is decreasing. And "food security", hunger, is growing throughout the world today. That is why making plants more immune to disease is a very important study for our worlds agriculture methods. Thus, by making plants less prone to disease we can grow crops and feed more people. In addition, advancements in this study will make these agriculture methods more cost efficient.

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