Friday, February 17, 2017

Genetic Testing: Reason to Gather Your Family Health History

A gloved hand removes a test tube against a gene chart background.
New abilities have developed in genomics-based technologies where physicians are guided toward therapies and screening medical treatments. These treatments developed in order to find individual's genetics and the disease risks. With the knowledge of patient's genetics, it can help physicians make better decisions about their treatment options. Gathering family's history about the health is very crucial to figure out what kind of risk or diseases can afflict in the future. Discussing these topics can help understand the medical heritage that can open doors to better health and wellness.
This is a great topic to bring up with your family to discuss and develop ways to figure out what can possibly happen and the types of risks that can occur in the future. Since technology is advancing rapidly, physicians knowing what can happen will help with better treatments. 


  1. This will help tremendously for not only physicians but for people. Since doctors nowadays pre-scribe antibiotics to just about any illness, leading to the virus being immune to more and more antibiotics. Now they can make better and accurate decisions while curing patients.

  2. As someone who wants to go into medicine, research and developments such as this one make me very excited for the future! You were right when you said that technology is rapidly advancing! This kind of technology could help physicians and other medical professionals improve and prolong the lives of many.