Monday, January 23, 2017

tuberculous liver abscess

The article covered the rarity of the tuberculosis which affects the liver. Most commonly, tuberculosis is known for affecting the lung but for a person without any in-depth exposure to studies relevant to TB, he or she may not have known that TB comes in variety of forms and affects different region in the human body.
Elsevier is one of the leading organization that published this article. Elsevier is best known for its distinguished articles.
The article mentioned, such rare form of TB is found in more vulnerable ethic groups such as: African American.
The article was a great refresher for me, as I myself have read a few articles pertinent to tuberculosis in previous college courses but, I don’t recall having read any article that broke down microscopically the scope of the disease, in terms of who it affects all the way to why it is not commonly talked about or even reported.

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