Monday, December 12, 2016

E-Cigarettes in youth

In current times, electronic cigarettes (E-Cigarette) are very popular because it's smoking without smoking a cigarette. These E-Cigarettes turn nicotine into vapor which can be inhaled. It is proven to cause harm to brains of those who use them and just the air of the people around the users.
The study was performed on those who are off adolescent age, and not on adults. "Some researchers have said that e-cigarette use amount youth could act as a gateway to traditional smoking but the report says the relationship is not fully established."


  1. Yeah I've always wondered about these. Everyone's convinced they're the safest thing since sliced bread, but I'm skeptical. Curious to see if there are any long term side effects which will present themselves in the coming decades.

  2. There is a lot to continue studying about E-cigs. They are the newest trend, but there is almost no research behind how they affect your body and health. In the next few years there should be many more study's about e-cigs.

  3. When they first came to the market stating to be safe it only proved that there was not enough time or research put in to actually prove them otherwise. Now studies are showing a variety of harm cause through e-cigs.