Monday, December 12, 2016

Children's Hearing Loss

In modern times, children tend to block out the world with music: headphones being of help. The levels of music the children hear are different but are mainly high. When something is as loud as they have it at, they shouldn't be listening to it as much.
"Eighty decibels is twice as loud as 70 decibels and 90 is four times louder." No one should be listening to this type of level because " 100 decibels, about the volume of noise caused by a power lawn mower."
Parents tend to let their children use headphones for their children for multiple reason, watching. Movies, shows, or just listening to music. A study showed that "hearing loss in adolescents had increased to 19.5 percent in2005-2006 from 14.9 percent in 1988-1994.


  1. Growing up everyone was always told that they needed to turn down their music because it could lead to hearing loss. Now many studies are coming out showing that our chances for hearing loss have increased. Now I wish I could of listened to my parents.

  2. I am one of those kids, having lost 50% of my hearing in my left ear due to loud headphones for many years of my life plus the concerts didn't help either. Kids these days are too stubborn to listen and are to focused on drowning out the world around them to listen to what science has to say.