Monday, November 21, 2016

The Race for a Zika Vaccine

The Zika virus has spread very rapidly in South America and now has said to be found in over 70 countries around the world. The Zika virus comes from mosquitos. It is a virus that effects the immune system, adult bodies are able to fight off the virus where as children and especially infants can not and the virus can kill them if they are affected. In this article they talk about how the race to who can find a vaccine to the virus has become very serious.  Many researchers all over the world mentioned that many of the companies trying to find a vaccine for the zika virus are trying to do it as quick as possible because of how fast the virus spread. There is also a lot of money involved for the first company that finds a cure. Although many of these companies  want to be the first to find the vaccination that cures zika, researchers were saying that it is more important to find a vaccine for it but it is MORE important that researchers take their time and make sure they do a good job rather then rushing the process. I completely agree with this notation because it is important that they make a product that will be effective. They are also trying to make the process quicker by trying to make the vaccine go through RNA rather then DNA because RNA is more flexible. Researchers think that they might be able to find a vaccine by 2018 but nothing is absolute, it could maybe take decades.

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