Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Immense Gene Variation in Mexico

There has been exciting genetics news coming from Mexico. It turns out that there is interesting genetic variation across the country. In depth studies of the genetic codes of Mexican people has shown us there is great diversity across the entire country. This diversity can aid researchers in identifying where these indigenous people have come from. This background information can also open up many windows for better medicine, among many other things.

Mexico is a country separated by many natural barriers, such as mountains, water, and forests. Although they are all considered part of Mexican descent, it has been proven that the farther away groups loved from each other, the greater the diversity between the two groups.  On top of this, now there is mixtures to consider. Many people that are part of the Mexican population also have European ad African descents.
This study is interesting due to the use of genetics to improve situations, not just identify mutations or diseases. For example, research found that there is difference in lung function between the Mexican people of the east and the Mexican people of the west. This has allowed for identifying and treatment to change in both of these areas, since they do not do well with the same treatment. This has helped the people of Mexico improve their lung health. This is proof that genetics can be used to improve the well-being of the human population. This study has opened up a lot of new doors in the study of genetics and medicine.

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