Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Alzheimer Pathology Found in Elderly with Superior Memory

A recent study done by Northwestern Medicine has revealed new vital information on Alzheimer's. The study was done on eight individuals, 90 and older who showed superior memory. Three out of the eight individual's brains qualified as having Alzheimer's plaque and tangles present even though they still had superior memory. When there is too much plaque and tangles in the brain, neurons start to die as a result. This means that even though the Alzheimer's was present in these individuals, something in their body is protecting their brains neurons from the toxic effects of the Alzheimer plaque. If scientists are able to determine what is protecting the neurons, it could lead to new medications for Alzheimer patients.

Certain parts of the brain were looked at. One of those parts was the hippocampus, which was looked at and examined, revealing that the nerves cell in the individual with superior memory were all intact. Than patients brains that did have Alzheimer's and displayed the effects of were looked at, revealing quite the opposite. The nerve cells this time showed a significant amount of dead cells. The lead investigator in this study was Changiz Geula which stated, "'These findings clearly demonstrate the brains of some elderly are immune to the toxic effects of plaques and tangles'"(sciencedaily). A new discovery like this brings hope and may even be the leading point need that points us the right direction.

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