Friday, May 6, 2016

Bipolar, Autism and more are all linked?!

Not only did researchers find the link between all these diseases, but alone bipolar disease could have been linked to each disease individually, but found 84 more variants for the disease. While further researching into these genes, that is how they found them linked to other diseases, such as autism. Mental disorders is a big topic to talk about in america. 1 out of 3 Americans are diagnosed with bipolar disease. 


  1. This is not terribly surprising to me. I know of a few diseases that have genetic linkages to each other. Those who are afflicted with Tourrettes Syndrome have many comorbidities associated with their condition. These can include ADHD, restless leg syndrome, etc.

  2. It's very interesting that all of these diseases are linked together. Hopefully through more research, scientists can found what causes these diseases to go together and hopefully find a solution to all of them.