Thursday, April 14, 2016

Some Cultures Hardwired for Vegetarian Diet

       Ever heard of the expression "you are what you eat," well in this study, scientists compared the genetic make up of individuals who have a lineage of vegetarianism to those who eat red meat daily. Scientists discovered the gene that is affected by vegetarianism is called s66698963 found in the FADS2 gene.

The scientists compared genomes to those from Kansans who love red meat, to those from Pune India who have a long history of vegetarians. When searching for the genetic mutation throughout other cultures and populations, researchers found the mutation has spread from South America, Northern Europe, and other similar locations.

Although researchers found the spreading of the mutation, they also discovered the deletion of the mutation in Northern Canada, Greenland, and Alaska this mutation became maladaptive. Results explain there is no Paleo diet out there for anyone. Instead, you can now thank your ancestors for your eating habits and diet patterns.

I found this article extremely interesting due to the fact that I was raised into a meat eating family but since my heritage's primary diet consists of seafood and shellfish my diet for the last 10 years have consisted of a strict pescatarian diet. I never imagined that the diets of my ancestors would have such a strong influence on my diet today.

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  1. I totally agree with this article my family has since the start not just because of religion have always been vegetarian, but I have come out of that and became a vegan. The lifestyle of a vegan versus a vegetarian isn't all that different with the exemption of diary, but it has shaped the future of my health to being more successful than the average meat eater. I would like everyone to consider their lifestyle choice especially to their diet because one day it will come right back at you in your moment of crisis. Take care of yourself now instred of facing regret later in life.